Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Best Tips For Labeling Boxes For A Move

There can be issues during a move. The process is unpredictable but you can help avoid failure when you label your moving boxes. This is an extremely significant yet underrated task. This is not a difficult step and requires nothing special.

Color markers are an excellent way to label boxes once they have been packed. It is best to purchase high quality markers despite the additional cost. Make certain you have a range of colors because using only one will make the task less efficient. Water proof markers in vivid colors are easy to read. They should also be smudge proof to prevent smudging.

You can save time if you use the preprinted labels already on many shipping boxes. If you still need labels you can get them from a local office supply, online or a moving company. If your are using used boxes inspect them for any markings. These markings can confuse the movers. They are easy to hide with a label, cardboard or colored paper. There are two different systems for labeling your moving boxes. The number coding and the color coding.

Do not label your boxes prior to them being packed because you will be unaware of the exact contents. Do not wait too long after packing a box for the labeling because you may have forgotten what was packed. The best time for labeling is right after the box has been packed. You pack, then seal, then label the box.

If you are using the color coding system each color will represent a different room. This is easier than the numbering process, very effective and nearly fool proof. Begin by choosing a color for each room. For example the bedroom can be blue, the bathroom red, the kitchen yellow and the living room green. Choose colors that make sense in your mind. If your bedroom is decorated in blue it makes sense to use blue for labeling. Be consistent with your color choices.

Grab your boxes and markers. Now label all the boxes for the bedroom with blue, the boxes for the living room with green, etc. Each box should be labeled with the essential information. This includes the contents, handling instructions, warnings and the destination room. Use the same color of label as marker whenever possible. This will make it a little easier but is not required. The red marker should be used for important instructions such as fragile or this side up. Attach colored pieces of paper for the doors in the rooms for the new home to ensure the boxes are placed in the correct locations.

If you are using number coding write a number on two sides of every box. Write out a master packing list or use an electronic device. Give each number a corresponding room. Under each number list all the contents in the box. It is important you keep the master list safe. If your list is on paper it is a good idea to make a copy. If you chose an electric device email yourself a backup of the list.

The best places to label your boxes are on the top and one side. It is best not to write the names of any valuable items on the boxes. If possible keep your valuables separate from the other boxes.

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